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Data Visualization Tools – Interactive online tools that you can use to view the lake and Data Visualization Toolsriver data with a new perspective.
Take a WOW tutorial to better use our site and data.
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Water Science
Visualize a watershed using this GIS laboratory developed for the first WOW workshop.
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For more information on the Water on the Web program, you can contact Dr. Bruce Munson by e-mail at bmunson@d.umn.edu.

For problems or suggestions regarding limnology or the data you can contact Dr. Rich Axler by e-mail at raxler@nrri.umn.edu.

For problems or questions regarding this website, or the data visualization tools you can contact Dr. George Host by e-mail at ghost@nrri.umn.edu, or contact the website administrator at wow@nrri.umn.edu.

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