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Data Visualization Tools – Interactive online tools that you can use to view the lake and Data Visualization Toolsriver data with a new perspective.
  Basic Science

WOW lessons use the aquatic environment and real lake data to explore basic science concepts. Most lessons appear in two different forms: a "Studying" lesson and an "Investigating" lesson. "Studying" lessons allow you to apply and learn concepts through direct, guided experiences. "Investigating" lessons provide opportunities to discover the same concepts and involve more problem-solving.

Each lesson is organized into a thinking framework of six sequential parts that are critical for improving scientific and technological literacy: knowledge base, experimental design, data collection, data management and analysis, interpretation of results, and reporting results. As you practice this framework of scientific thinking you will be modeling the practices of scientists. To help use the lessons, we've created a few tutorials to better use our site and the data:

Studying Lessons

Investigating Lessons





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