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Investigating Thermal Stratification
This lesson is divided into two parts. In the laboratory part, you are challenged to develop two distinct layers of water in a glass. In the technology application, you will determine whether or not a specific WOW lake is stratified during the summer.
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The second WOW teacher training workshop was held November 14 & 15 at the University of New York at Ulster Stone Ridge, New York. The 2nd "WOW class of '03" will be reviewing curriculum modules over the next several months – we are really looking forward to continued work with them and appreciate their enthusiasm for WOW.

As a part of this workshop we developed a new set of GIS databases focused on the New York lakes, done in partnership with New York Lake Access, and Lake Onondaga EMPACT projects, and the Lake George Association. You can view these new databases (click on the New York sites).

Here's the WOW PowerPoint template many of you asked for. And check out the news from the North Carolina workshop held in October 2003.

There are at least two differences between these two photos. Can you find them?

Here are some more photos of hard-working workshop participants.

We plan on holding two more workshops next spring. Keep checking back for updates.

Did the WOW gang survive their evening in Manhattan? Take a look.





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