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  Ice Lake - Lake Context - Issues

In 1999 , Eurasian water milfoil was discovered in Ice Lake and McKinney Lake, which drains into Ice Lake through a small stream. Because Eurasian milfoil was widespread, an aggressive whole lake fluridone herbicide treatment was conducted. It is expected that Eurasian milfoil will be reduced below detection levels for 3-4 years; however, it is unlikely that Eurasian milfoil can be eliminated from Ice Lake. For more information on this invasive species go to the Minnesota DNR.

Eurasian watermilfoil typically has 12 to 21 pairs of leaflets. The native northern watermilfoil, with which it is often confused, usually has 5 to 9 pairs.

Drawing courtesy Bell Museum of Natural History.
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date last updated: Wednesday March 03 2004