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WOW status
Water on the Web was funded by the National Science Foundation from 1997 to 2005.
WOW is now in a 'maintenance mode'.
We are no longer actively developing new materials, but we continue to seek opportunities to expand the site to new areas and we welcome collaborators that wish to contribute data or materials to the site.
Lake Superior
  Water on the Web Data Sites


The Water On the Web Project collects information on several different lakes and rivers across Minnesota and the US, through the use of RUSS units. The data are then transfered to this website in various forms for public viewing. Select one of the sites above to visualize the data, find it's real time data, trends / summaries, and background (context).

Lakes Rivers
  1. Ice Lake, Minnesota
  2. Shagawa Lake, Minnesota
  3. Medicine Lake, Minnesota
  4. Grindstone Lake, Minnesota
  5. Lake Independence, Minnesota
  6. Halsteds Bay, Minnesota
  7. West Upper, Minnesota
  8. Lake Washington, Washington
  9. Lake Sammamish, Washington
  10. *Otisco Lake, New York
  11. *Skaneateles Lake, New York
  12. *Lake George, New York
  13. Lake Onondaga, New York
  14. Lake Mead, Nevada
  15. Lake Dunlap, Texas
  16. Lake Jyväsjärvi, Jyväskylä Finland
  1. Chester Creek, Minnesota
  2. Tischer Creek, Minnesota
  3. Kingsbury Creek, Minnesota
  4. Amity Creek, Minnesota
  5. St. Louis River, Minnesota
  6. Cape Fear River, North Carolina
  7. Seneca River, New York
  8. Ackerly Creek, Pennsylvania
  9. Tunkhannock Creek, Pennsylvania


* Data from these New York lakes are provided through an cooperative agreement with the New York Lake Access project.

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