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  St. Louis River SMU Data Archive File

The complete collection of the SMU data is available in a CSV (comma separated values) format that can be read directly by (or easily imported into) common database and spreadsheet programs. See our description page of the file contents.

The ".csv" file has been compressed into a ".zip" file -- common file decompression programs such as WinZip for Windows, or ZipIt for the Mac knows how to restore it. The file size is reduced over 80% by compression.

And remember:
These data should be considered "provisional" until otherwise indicated. The data are undergoing several rounds of QA/QC review and some of the data may be modified at a subsequent date. We chose to leave the data hose on full blast whenever possible to familiarize ourselves with the operation and maintenance requirements of the RUSS units and to generate real data for use in developing curricula and lesson plans. Data gaps were associated with various RUSS system upgrades and occasional gremlins.

To use:

2002 Data: download the file
2003 Data: download the file
2004 Data: download the file
2005 Data: download the file
2010 Data: download the file
2011 Data: download the file
2012 Data: download the file
2013 Data: download the file

"Unzip" it using a file decompression utility. Open the resulting ".csv" file in Excel or your database program (Note: the 1st row contains the column titles, the second row contains the units). Use the filtering, sorting, and charting capabilities of your software to explore the data.

An example of results in Excel:


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date last updated: Wednesday June 19 2013