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live data

There are no US lake sites in 2008, but you can still view data from past years, as well as live stream data from Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior, and live lake data from Lake Jyväsjärvi Finland.

  Links to Websites of Interest


WaterWebster- News, Services, Associations, and Contacts for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Lake Links

Minnesota Shoreland Management Resource Guide
Lake Access - EPA-funded WOW partner - Real-time data for Minnesota Lakes, assessing the role of P fertilizers in lake water quality
SEEK - Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge - Minnesota's environmental education information and service center.

Stream Links

Lake Superior Streams (another offshoot of WOW, with real-time stream data and lots of information on urban streams and stormwater).
Minnesota Rivers Primer
Stream Biology and Ecology (Cristi Cave, B.S., Fisheries, 1998, School of Fisheries, University of Washington).


North American Lake Management Society
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Lenntech Water Glossary (a water treatment and air purification company)
University of Kansas Collaborative Research Center
Minnesota Sea Grant's Glossary of the Great Lakes
U.S. EPA Terms of the Environment (explains regulatory terms as well as environmental quality terms)
Water Science for Schools - US Geological Survey
Water Words (a VERY detailed water dictionary from Nevada Division of Water Planning)

Related Educational Resources for Water

Water Science for Schools (USGS, good glossary, some pictures of folks sampling etc)
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (check out the lakefinder)
National Water and Climate Center (USDA NRCS Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring guidance)
Hach Company's H20U (a water quality resource for teachers and students)

Aquatic Organisms


Cyanosite (lots of images, links to BG research)
Bowling Green State University (Center for Algal Microscopy and Image Digitization, all diatoms FW and marine)
Cedar Eden Environmental, LLC (Phytoplankton Images Library, pretty good, shows some BG blooms)
Susquehanna University Algal Image Archive (fairly comprehensive)
Department of Marine Botany, Goteborg University (Checklist of marine phytoplankton in the Skagerrak-Kattegat, some good images and has a *good outline of taxonomy)

Aquatic macrophytes

USGS Midwestern Wetland Flora (photos and descriptions of wetland plants, useful for wetland delineation but excludes most true aquatics because they’re obviously wetland species)
University of Fl Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (LOTS of images, mostly from Florida however, good links)
Washington Department of Ecology (Be careful with this page, it doesn't let you go back!)
Cedar Eden Environmental, LLC


Cedar Eden Environmental, LLC(in addition to algal images has quite a few zooplankters)
The Plankton Net (some freshwater but mostly marine zoop images)
The Smallest Page on the Web (some good images of algae, protozoans, and zooplankton)
Jorge Ciros, University of Valencia, Spain (a very nice zooplankton site with many good links as well).

Benthos (benthic invertebrates)

The Stream Study from the University of Virginia has an excellent, easy to follow key to benthic invertebrates.
The North American Benthological Society ( no on-line images but has slides you can purchase)
Lake Superior Streams - understanding organisms - aquatic insects


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (some pictures with helpful fish ID tips)
Lake Superior Streams - fish found in NE Minnesota streams
Fishes of Wisconsin (an excellent taxonomic key with photos)


The Microbe Zoo (check out Water World)
The Smallest Page on the Web (some good images of algae, protozoans, and zooplankton)

Limnological Concepts

Hydrologic cycle


Lenntech Matter Cycles and Pollution

Acid deposition ("rain")

USEPA Acid Rain Program

Related Curricula and Lab Experiments

Lenntech Periodic Table (a great resource showing properties of each element in the periodic table).

Technology - An international resource for the water and wastewater industry, including a product and service supplier catalogue, global events and conference diary, global associations directory, industry projects and links.

Water Resources Programs


EPA-MidContinent Ecology Division (MED)
Water Science
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAP)
Great Lakes National Program Office

US Army Corps of Engineers

Detroit Office (Great Lakes Issues)
St. Paul District

US Geological Survey

National Water Quality Assessment Program
Water Science Centers - one for each state
National Streamflow Information Program
National Water Information System - real-time data from stream gauges
WaterWatch - flood and drought conditions - live maps, relative to historical averages
Toxic Substances Hydrology Program
National Wetlands Research Center
Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes

Great Lakes Environmental Indicators (NRRI-UMD)
Great Lakes Basin Web Links
Great Lakes Information Network

Lake, Stream & Wetland Sampling Methods

USEPA Office of Water (EPA Volunteer Monitoring Handbook)
Aquatic Research Instruments (good diagrams and photos of sampling equipment some with explanations on how the gear works)
Wildlife Supply Company ( photos of sampling equipment)

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