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Lakes Rivers
  1. Shagawa Lake, Minnesota
  2. Medicine Lake, Minnesota
  3. Grindstone Lake, Minnesota
  4. Independence Lake, Minnesota
  5. Halsted's Bay, Minnesota
  6. West Upper, Minnesota
  7. Lake Washington, Washington
  8. Lake Sammamish, Washington
  9. Otisco Lake, New York
  10. Skaneateles Lake, New York
  11. Lake George, New York
  12. Lake Onondaga, New York
  13. Ice Lake, Minnesota
  14. Lake Mead, Nevada
  15. Lake Dunlap, Texas
  1. Chester Creek, Minnesota
  2. Tischer Creek, Minnesota
  3. Kingsbury Creek, Minnesota
  4. St. Louis River, Minnesota
  5. Cape Fear River, North Carolina
  6. Seneca River, New York


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date last updated: Thursday June 17 2004