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WOW Staff
Learn about the staff behind Water on the Web project:

Rich Axler
Cindy Hagley
George Host
live data

There are no US lake sites in 2008, but you can still view data from past years, as well as live stream data from Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior, and live lake data from Lake Jyväsjärvi Finland.

Lake Superior
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Water on the Web was funded by the National Science Foundation
(DUE 9752017 and DUE 0101697) from 1997 to 2005.

Water on the Web linked University of Minnesota institutions with private industry, community and tribal groups, as well as high schools, community colleges, technical colleges, and natural resource and regulatory agencies across the nation. A large, diverse team of staff, high school and college curriculum writers, collaborators, and a national advisory committee contribute to this award-wining web site.

WOW is now in a 'maintenance mode' - we are no longer actively developing new materials, but we continue to seek opportunities to expand the site to new areas and we welcome collaborators that wish to contribute data or materials to the site.

We will continue to post "real-time" data from streams along the North Shore of Lake Superior, collected for our sister project -- LakeSuperiorStreams.org.


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