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Learn about the staff behind Water on the Web project:

Lindsay Anderson
Rich Axler
Cindy Hagley
George Host
Barbara Liukkonen
Glenn Merrick
Nate Meyer
Kent Montgomery
Bruce Munson
Del Nordman
Chris Owen
Jane Reed
Carl Richards
Scott Robertson
Elaine Ruzycki
Alexander Tokhtuev
Norm Will
investigating lesson
Increased Conductivity
Are culverts the culprits? An Ice Lake mystery. Investigate a mysterious increase in conductivity.
  WOW Staff
george host

Natural Resources Research Institute
5013 Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth Minnesota 55811

218 720 4264

BS - botany, Miami University 1977
MS - botany, Kent State University 1982
PhD - forest ecology, Michigan State University 1987
principal investigator along with science and technical team coordinator; responsible for data visualization, RUSS - web connectivity, things that don't go as planned
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experiential education - Keanu Reeves meets Bill Nye in "The Matrix"
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not working
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play with kids, small fruit culture, not enough fishing
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I can die
happy once I
. . .who is to say that time is linear, that things aren't exactly as they are, and that we don't already have all we need?








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