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Norm Will
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WOW Staff
Learn about the staff behind Water on the Web project:

Lindsay Anderson
Rich Axler
Cindy Hagley
George Host
Barbara Liukkonen
Glenn Merrick
Nate Meyer
Kent Montgomery
Bruce Munson
Del Nordman
Chris Owen
Jane Reed
Carl Richards
Scott Robertson
Elaine Ruzycki
Alexander Tokhtuev
Norm Will
  WOW Staff
norm will

Natural Resources Research Institute
5013 Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth Minnesota 55811

218 720 4209

BA - chemistry
MS - computer science
WOW system administration
data management
data visualization programming
 what Norm
 does when
 not working
 on wow
enjoys reconstituting orange juice and counting chads

Snyder Gokey

one thing
Norm would
do over in
choose a major that didn't require so many early morning classes





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date last updated: Tuesday March 23 2004