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WOW Staff
Learn about the staff behind Water on the Web project:

Lindsay Anderson
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Scott Robertson
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investigating lesson
Investigating the Effect of Photosynthesis and Respiration on Aquatic Chemistry
In this lesson you use microcosms and RUSS data to investigate changes in oxygen concentrations that result from photosynthesis and respiration.
  WOW Staff
scott robertson

Scott moved on in 2000. He now works in New York, NY.
You can still contact him by going to this website.

BA - graphic design, University of Minnesota Duluth 1999
design of web site and other related materials
 vision of wow
help students view the project with clarity
 what Scott
 does when
 not working
 on wow
design for friends, family and freelance clients

travel and learn as much as he can
funny story
about wow

he designed the logo for wow, which took over six months, and now really dislikes the logo

best and worst
parts of his job
best - getting the chance to take something and
clean it up so people can use it

worst - having so many different goals to
accomplish with one project









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