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We've put together a few animations to show you how our data visualization tools represent RUSS data.

  • Watch how Ice Lake temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH profiles change seasonally with the Profile Plotter. Then, watch a color map of temperature and dissolved oxygen change seasonally with the Color Mapper. Finally, see the whole year mapped out with the DXT (depth times time).
  • See the effects of a storm on a shallow bay.
  • Compare seasonal temperature profiles all of the WOW lakes-at the same time.
  • To try your hand at manipulating these tools yourself go to WOW Data Visualization Tools for the DVT Tool Kit.


Color Mapper-the graph on the left shows a line plot of dissolved oxygen over a color "map" of temperature. The right hand graph shows the opposite, a line plot of temperature over a color map of dissolved oxygen. To find out what the colors mean click here.

Depth X Time or DXT


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date last updated: Thursday February 09 2017